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Biljana Srbljanovic: An Interview

LONDON-- Serbian playwright Biljana Srbljanovic, 43, has built a reputation for dramatizing political and controversial subjects. Her latest piece “This Grave Is Too Small For Me,” which premiered at Vienna’s Schauspielhaus last October…

"The scene is really developing"

WARSAW, POLAND—**Polish theatre, which has always had a strong reputation in the country, has in the last few years been finding critical acclaim across Europe and North America thanks to vibrant experimental productions by talented young directors. Poznan's Biuro Podrozy

Sergei Polunin and the Mispronunciation

KIEV, UKRAINE—This was supposed to be a different story. Back in December, I got in touch with London’s Royal Opera House (ROH), requesting to do an interview with their First Soloist, Sergei Polunin. The Ukrainian-born Polunin, 22, has…

"It's Important to Have Something of Our Own"

DUBROVNIK, CROATIA--Few spots in Europe could boast a more dramatic backdrop for a festival. Now in its 62nd year, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (running from July 7 till August 25) is a cornucopia for culture that focuses on everything from art, music, theatre, film, dance and pretty much everything else in between. The theatre aspect of the festival is particularly interesting in that they use

Merlin's Magic

It’s little wonder Mike Kelly and Matt Devere are working up a serious sweat on stage. Not only is it swelteringly hot in Budapest’s Merlin Theatre (they don’t have any air condition in the building) but the two London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) trained actors are running across the stage, flinging on and off costumes

Forced to Exit Belarus Stage Left

I’d hoped to meet with Natalia Koliada and Nikolai Khalezin in Minsk but President Aleksandr Lukashenko had other plans. I was first introduced to the married couple who founded the Belarus Free Theatre (BFT), when the troupe were in London a few years ago performing their play “Being Harold Pinter” at the Soho Theatre.