A Polish Artist's Take on Immigration

Warsaw-born Edinburgh-based artist Monika Szydłowska's new book "Do You Miss Your Country" is a humorous, insightful and poignant comic book looking at issues of Poles and immigration. Written in both English and Polish, the book examines--through…

Warsaw's Leto Gallery Nurtures Young Artists

WARSAW, Poland — As with so many really good and really bad ideas, this one was conceived over a few beers. Marta Kolakowska was sitting one evening in the upstairs office of her Warsaw art gallery, Leto, with two of her artists, Radek Szlaga…

One Murder + Two Films = Things Go Amok

***Update***The film opens in Poland on Friday March 24th 2017 WARSAW, POLAND—Krystian Bala’s murder trial in 2007 had all the ingredients for a blockbuster whodunit crime film.  The 34-year-old good looking, educated, best-selling Polish…

"Immigrating to Reality"

WARSAW, POLAND-- Marta Kolakowska is one of my all-time favorite gallerists. Not only does she represent some of Poland’s coolest and most interesting young artists, but she is also just a fun, down-to-earth chick. No artsy-fartsy airs, just…

What's Polish for "Zeitgeist"?

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski asks me a question. I meet with the young Polish artist before the opening of a solo show of his work at Warsaw’s Zacheta National Gallery of Art in September 2010. “People have said to me ‘Enjoy that you are having this retrospective now. Because the next time there is one [here] you will be dead,’” he says

The Return of Polish Cinema

It really is a small world after all. I had contacted Polish film director Borys Lankosz—currently living in LA working on a few film projects—to see if we could do an interview when I was on vacation there in March. I had half-hoped he’d suggest some place like the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel to get that real Hollywood industry power-lunch thing but he suggested his place instead.