2Cellos Discuss Music, YouTube and U2

BUDAPEST—Last October I went to Budapest to interview Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić, the two musicians who make up 2Cellos, for an International New York Times story on classical crossover music. I had never been backstage before at a concert,…

Hungarian Fashion Designer Dori Tomcsanyi

Budapest--I was recently in the Hungarian capital for an interview with Croatia's 2Cellos (more on that later) and it happened to also be Fashion Weekend (or more precisely Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe) so I traipsed across the…

Portrait of an Artist

At first I think Alexander Tinei’s Budapest studio is an art installation. There are empty soda bottles thrown aimlessly about while various paints, brushes, canvases and tools of the artistic trade are strewn from room to room. Dozens of his drawings, sketches and paintings dot the walls and floors, including a portrait of Saddam Hussein and another of Frida Kahlo with the words “Do you love Frida Kahlo?”

Merlin's Magic

It’s little wonder Mike Kelly and Matt Devere are working up a serious sweat on stage. Not only is it swelteringly hot in Budapest’s Merlin Theatre (they don’t have any air condition in the building) but the two London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) trained actors are running across the stage, flinging on and off costumes

"Slovak Art is Super Great"

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA--It’s a breezy late September day when I meet Daniel Grun, an intense yet dashing art historian at Bratislava’s Academy of Fine Art, at an outdoor café next door to the school. As I down goulash with white dumplings,…