Motus Operandi

If her friend’s mother had not left her gardening shoes lying around the house, Maarja Motus’s company, Voru 82, may have never got off the ground.

A New Map of the (Contemporary Art) World

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA--When I first arrive at Ljubljana’s Union Coffee Café—which was the hangout for artists in the early and mid-1980’s—I am a bit apprehensive about how I am going to find Borut Vogelnik amid the late lunch crowd. …

Forced to Exit Belarus Stage Left

I’d hoped to meet with Natalia Koliada and Nikolai Khalezin in Minsk but President Aleksandr Lukashenko had other plans. I was first introduced to the married couple who founded the Belarus Free Theatre (BFT), when the troupe were in London a few years ago performing their play “Being Harold Pinter” at the Soho Theatre.