Ukrainian Art Gets Political

KIEV, UKRAINE — The shutting down of an exhibition in Kiev last month became something of a performance art piece in its own right. The show, “Ukrainian Body,” which opened Feb. 7 at the Visual Culture Research Center at the National University…

"Immigrating to Reality"

WARSAW, POLAND-- Marta Kolakowska is one of my all-time favorite gallerists. Not only does she represent some of Poland’s coolest and most interesting young artists, but she is also just a fun, down-to-earth chick. No artsy-fartsy airs, just…

New Museum Opens for the Avant Garde

Borut Vogelnik had long been looking forward to the opening last week of the Muzej Sodobne Umetnosti Metelkova (Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova) in Ljubljana. “I would say that for Slovenia, this museum is going to be very important and of major value,” said Mr. Vogelnik, who with four colleagues is part of IRWIN, a Slovenian artistic collective that shares the museum’s focus on the role and relevance of contemporary art from Eastern Europe and Russia.

Portrait of an Artist

At first I think Alexander Tinei’s Budapest studio is an art installation. There are empty soda bottles thrown aimlessly about while various paints, brushes, canvases and tools of the artistic trade are strewn from room to room. Dozens of his drawings, sketches and paintings dot the walls and floors, including a portrait of Saddam Hussein and another of Frida Kahlo with the words “Do you love Frida Kahlo?”

What's Polish for "Zeitgeist"?

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski asks me a question. I meet with the young Polish artist before the opening of a solo show of his work at Warsaw’s Zacheta National Gallery of Art in September 2010. “People have said to me ‘Enjoy that you are having this retrospective now. Because the next time there is one [here] you will be dead,’” he says

The Cluj School?

I don’t love the East End of London—in fact, I hate it. It’s hard to find parking (a key for drivers like me), it’s dirty and I find the whole scene a bit too trendy. But the 36 year-old Romanian painter Adrian Ghenie has a studio in Hoxton so in order for me to interview him, I begrudgingly headed there for our meeting.

"Slovak Art is Super Great"

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA--It’s a breezy late September day when I meet Daniel Grun, an intense yet dashing art historian at Bratislava’s Academy of Fine Art, at an outdoor café next door to the school. As I down goulash with white dumplings,…

A New Map of the (Contemporary Art) World

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA--When I first arrive at Ljubljana’s Union Coffee Café—which was the hangout for artists in the early and mid-1980’s—I am a bit apprehensive about how I am going to find Borut Vogelnik amid the late lunch crowd. …